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when we touch i'm in heaven


15 January 1988
60's, 80's, a new hope, absolutely fabulous, adam goldstein, adidas, adobe photoshop, adrian young, adrien brody, adult swim, aeropostale, alex kapranos, american eagle, anti bush, aqua teen hunger force, ashlee simpson, beastie boys, beck, black eyed peas, blink 182, british people, burger king, chris martin, christina aguilera, christina ricci, coldplay, computers, dannii minogue, daria, democrats, destinys child, donnie darko, drum corps, dvds, element, empire strikes back, etnies, eve, family guy, fashion, fazoli's, franz ferdinand, futurama, garbage, gay boys, gay porn, girls aloud, grand theft auto, graphics design, gwen stefani, h&m, harajuku girls, harry potter, hollister, incubus, internet, jake gyllenhaal, jake shears, james bond, john edwards, john kerry, john mayer, justin timberlake, kelly clarkson, kill bill, king of the hill, kirstin dunst, kylie minogue, l.a.m.b., les miserables, lil' kim, linda sundblad, london, lord of the rings, madonna, marching band, margaret berger, mariah carey, michael moore, missy elliot, movies, music, new york city, nicole richie, no doubt, pacsun, paris, paris hilton, penis, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, playstation 2, playstation 3, politics, porn, queer as folk, quicksilver, return of saturn, return of the jedi, robert smith, rock steady, roisin murphy, rugby, saved, scissor sisters, september, shirley manson, sixteen candles, ska, skateboarding, soccer, star wars, sublime, sugagbabes, techno, the beacon street collection, the beatles, the breakfast club, the clash, the cure, the rolling stones, the simple life, the simpsons, the sims, the sims 2, the singles 1992-2003, the specials, the white stripes, titanic, tom dumont, tony kanal, tragic kingdom, urban outfitters, vans, vh1, video games, volcom, web design, weezer, wicked, wizard of oz